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Seven Kenyans file petition challenging the Affordable Housing Bill

Seven Kenyans and the Mount Kenya Jurists Association have filed a petition challenging the Affordable Housing Bill 2023.

According to the petitioners, Kenyans have been subjected to a lot of taxes over the past one year and the effect will deprive the private sector of resources necessary to implement and finance other obligations.

They continued by terming the bill unconstitutional and that it is a deliberate attempt by the government to transfer its responsibility to Kenyans thus does not make any sense.

“Despite the fact that there is no legal framework for the affordable housing schemes – which basically seeks to build high-rise ghettos across the Kenyan countryside – the government has engaged the overdrive gear to demolish existing homes and to evict homeowners from all areas covered by the Kenya Kwanza Government as ideal for the construction of high-rise ghettos,” they said

The Attorney General, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, the KRA, the National Assembly and the Senate have been named respondents to the petition while Kenya Kwanza Coalition, Azimio la Umoja and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) have been named as interested parties.

The bill has not once been challenged before the court with Kenyans demanding an immediate solution to the high cost of living that could be solved by reduced taxes including the Affordable Housing fund.

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