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The result should not be what it is! It’s a disgrace, says Mikel Arteta

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta is breathing fire after the Gunners dramatic loss against Newcastle on Saturday.

Speaking after the clas, Arteta noted that the results were a disgrace given that the controversial goal was awarded despite a number of questions raised leading to the win.

“The result should not be what it is! It’s a disgrace.”” he said “It’s embarrassing what happened”. “How this goal stands, in the Premier League… this league we say is the best in the world. I have been 20 years in this country and now I feel ashamed” said Arteta.

The Spaniard noted that if there was club that wanted the win more than the other was Arsenal but the results are a shame to the league being competed.

““If there was a team looking to win the game today it was Arsenal”. he said “The outcome is nowhere near the level this league needs to have and the way this league is getting competed in”. he continued “It’s not good enough here in PL. I feel embarrassed to be part of this” said Arteta.

According to the fans and entire coaching team, there were reasons to check whether the ball over the line before it was recovered by Willock, whether Gabriel was pushed and whether the players were offside during the build up.

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