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The Royal Gin Banned in South Sudan

In response to a concerning surge in deaths linked to the consumption of “Makuei Gin” during Christmas and New Year celebrations, South Sudan’s Central Equatoria state has imposed a ban on the popular local beer. The decision, primarily driven by worries about the gin’s addictive nature and its detrimental impact on the community, particularly among the youth, marks a significant step towards addressing the rising fatalities.

Commonly known as Royal Gin, “Makuei Gin” has gained infamy for its addictive properties, proving fatal for several younger individuals. Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony, expressing deep concern over the alarming increase in deaths associated with alcoholic beverages, announced the ban.

Governor Anthony’s decree was unequivocal: “I have banned this red beer, Royal Gin called ‘Makuei.’ Nobody should sell nor drink it because it is killing many young people.” The urgency of the ban is further underscored by reports of violence and harm to families caused by individuals under the influence of “Makuei Gin.”

The Anglican Church in Juba has thrown its weight behind Governor Anthony’s decision, urging strict enforcement and advocating measures to protect the community. The collaboration between state authorities and religious institutions highlights the gravity of the situation and emphasizes the need for a unified effort.

The moniker “Makuei Gin” originated in 2019, inspired by Information Minister Michael Makuei’s talkative nature. Last year, Minister Makuei called for a ban on the gin and the closure of the producing factory, expressing concerns over public health and safety.

The ban on “Makuei Gin” in South Sudan’s Central Equatoria state is a pivotal move to safeguard the community, particularly the youth. Tragic deaths and incidents of violence linked to its consumption underscore the urgent need for preventive measures. Authorities, supported by collaborative efforts from government and religious institutions, aim to create a safer and healthier environment in Central Equatoria state by enforcing this ban.

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