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Three armed robbers gunned down in Kisii, AK47 recovered

Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau detectives have last night gunned down three armed robbers in Kisii following hours of running battle from Migori to Kisii.

“Three armed robbers were gunned down in Kisii last night and an AK 47 rifle recovered after hours of engaging a police operations group in running battles from Migori to Kisii where they had planned an attack.

Having got wind of the terror gang, Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau detectives forensically analysed their modus operandi based on previously staged robberies, before embarking on their painstaking trail.” said DCI

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Armed with AK 47, a Rambo sword and a machete, the robbers took off in a motorcycle ready for robbery unaware that the police were trailing them. They defied orders to stop prompting the chase leading to their deaths.

“Armed with the loaded AK 47, a Rambo sword and a machete, the gang had boarded a TVS motorcycle believed to be their transport means to targeted spots and to get away, oblivious of the ultimate justice that heeled close by.

But the ferocious mission was successfully aborted by the operation team, who trailed the trio for over 60km before catching up with them at Corner Mbaya area of Kisii. Having defied orders to surrender, the officers who have been deployed on a hell-bent mission to sanitize the streets of guns in the wrong hands opened fire, fatally injuring the three.

The AK47, a magazine loaded with 21 bullets, a Rambo dagger, a machete and a TVS motorcycle Reg no. KMGH 656X were recovered. One of the suspects was identified as 27-yr-old Joseph Mwita from Kuria in Migori, with the other two approximately in their 30s pending identification at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital.

The DCI continues to warn that no efforts will be spared in dealing with armed gunmen who are out to terrorize peace-loving Kenyans.” said DCI

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