Thursday, July 25, 2024

Tottenham, Liverpool condemn racism towards Destiny Udogie

Both Liverpool and Tottenham have come together to condemn racist attack towards Destiny Udogie as was the case after their Saturday fixture.

Tottenham confirmed that they will work with Premier League and take necessary against anyone one who will be identified.

“We are disgusted at the racist messages directed towards Destiny Udogie on social media following Saturday‚Äôs game against Liverpool. We will work with the Premier League and, where possible, take action against any individual we are able to identify. We stand with you Destiny.” said Tottenham

Liverpool on the other hand condemned all forms of racism and promised to work with authorities and social media platforms to identify all those responsible.

“Liverpool FC condemns all forms of racism and discrimination and will work with the relevant authorities and social media platforms to help identify those responsible and apply the strongest possible consequences.” they said

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