Gov’t suspends non-essential travel to cut public spending

The government has on Monday suspended non-essential travel of state officers, a move aimed at cutting down public spending.

Confirming the new changes was Head of Public Service Felix Koskei who noted that the delegation accompanying the President, Deputy President, Prime Cabinet Secretary and the First Lady has been restricted.

The suspended travels include study visits, benchmarking, research, academic symposia and capacity building initiatives.

“In this respect, foreign travel will only be facilitated for engagements in which the Government of Kenya’s participation is; part of fulfilment of state obligations, and pursuant to the conduct of critical state party engagements; and for the purpose of fulfilling a statutory leadership or membership role, in which critical decisions impacting on the country’s position are under consideration,” said Koskei

According to the Head of Public Service, Cabinet Secretaries will be limited to a delegation of three personnel while that of Principal Secretaries will not surpass two at any moment.

“Where the Cabinet Secretary is to be accompanied, at least one (1) of the delegates shall be a technical officer specialised in the subject matter of the foreign engagement, with no security or personal assistants/logistics officers other than as exempted,” said Koskei

Already the government has already limited the travel of public services such that when the CS is leaving office then the PS should be present and vice versa.

“It is reiterated that Cabinet and Principal Secretaries in the same ministries shall not be away on foreign travel at the same time, unless the foreign engagement expressly demands the same,” he said

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