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Well-wishers come to the rescue of two children in Kieni

Well-wishers have come to the rescue of two children sleeping by the roadside in Kanyagia, Kieni West.

The story which was published by one George Njoroge revealed that the two children have been exposed to harsh conditions and could not afford to have a meal a day especilly after their father was jailed over a lost sheep.

“Good evening, hope you are good. So today I found these two children sleeping along the road at a place called Kanyagia (Endarasha/mwiyogo Ward) Kieni West. We tried to wake them up but they were weak and sickly.

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Since the sun was so hot, I carried them to a shade. They finally woke up after a long struggle. We bought them something to eat . The older one told us they has not eaten even yesterday. With the assistance of the area chief, we had the children checked out and thank God they were fine apart from some cold.

We later traced the mother who had gone to look for some kibarua. She confirmed indeed the children had not eaten since yesterday and had left hoping she would get something to feed them.

We also learnt that the father had been jailed few months ago after a sheep he was herding got lost in his custody. We are still in consultation with are children officer to advise us. We were also able to get the children some food and we are planning on taking some clothes tomorrow.” read the message from one Catherine

Responding to the plight of the children, well-wishers contributed towards their basic needs including the payment of 8 months rent as revealed by George.

“Our collective efforts, fueled by compassion, have ensured that these children are now in better health, free from immediate danger. We have also taken steps to provide them with essentials, including clothing, and we remain in close contact with the children’s officer for further guidance.” said George

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