Sunday, April 21, 2024

Winnie Odinga questions government preparedness for El-Nino

EALA MP Winnie Odinga has questioned the government preparedness for the coming El-Nino as revealed by the weather man.

Taking on social media, Winnie posed to ask if there are any update on the from the relevant bodies and whether county governments are clogged drainage systems.

She continued by questioning the plan on how people from landslide prone areas can move, any flood aversion methods, KPLC plan and the government plan on lost harvest.

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“he weatherman said we won’t see the sun until January. Has there been any update from the relevant bodies on El Niño preparedness? County governments digging up clogged drainage? Movement of people from landslide prone areas? Flood aversion strategies? KPLC becoming waterproof? School safety? Loss of harvest. Basically what’s the plan?” said Winnie Odinga

According to metrological department, Kenyans should prepare for above average rainfall from October which will extend to December.

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