Monday, July 15, 2024

You can’t bring down youths in the name of fighting for youths, Butita lashes out

Comedian and content creator Eddie Butita has once again defended himself after a group of young Kenyans held a meeting with President William Ruto.

After it was established that the lady in the room worked with Butita’s SPM Buzz, Kenyans called out the comedian for betraying the youth who are demanding the resignation of President Ruto.

Taking on social media, the comedian defended the meeting saying that it was an interview conducted by several digital media houses just like that conducted by their mainstream counterparts.

“Now that many people are sending me this, let me address it. This is an interview just like the rest. These are different journalists from various digital media outlets. Is there a problem?

Hakuna! You can’t bring down youths in the name of fighting for youths double speak at its peak. SPM BUZZ was present, as well as Tuko, Kenyans, Uliza Link, among others. I see no issue with digital media entities conducting interviews just like mainstream outlets.” said Butita

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