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Zimbabwe: Opposition Leader Nelson Chamisa Resigns From Party

Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Nelson Chamisa resigned, citing government influence on his party, The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). Chamisa, who got 44% of the votes in the 2023 presidential election, accused the government of contaminating and hijacking his party.

In a 13-page statement, Chamisa distanced himself from what he called “sewer politics” and resigned after several CCC MPs lost seats, which he believes is sabotage.

The 45-year-old pastor-lawyer plans to form a new party, emphasizing that giving up is not an option. Despite his significant support, critics say Chamisa’s weak leadership fueled opposition divisions, strengthening President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s hold on power.

Chamisa accused Zanu-PF of defiling and hijacking CCC in his resignation letter. He blamed President Mnangagwa for issues in Zimbabwe, including hospital conditions, a cholera outbreak, and social service collapse.

Facing challenges and threats, Chamisa survived an alleged 2022 assassination attempt during campaigns and suffered a cracked skull in a 2007 crackdown. Former MDC leader, he founded CCC in 2022, seeking a fresh start.

His resignation raises questions about Zimbabwe’s political future and the opposition’s dynamics amid challenges like inflation and unemployment. Chamisa’s departure adds complexity to the political scene.

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