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Zimbabwe’s main opposition party MPs suspended for six parliament sittings

Members of Parliament in Zimbabwe allied to the main opposition party have been suspended for six parliament sittings and will not receive two months salaries.

The verdict was passed by Speaker Jacob Mudenda following protests in the parliament by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) members who had been duped to losing their seats.

This follows a letter drafted by a an imposter of the party declaring 15 of the parliament seats should be declared vacant as they were no longer members of CCC.

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It should be noted that the opposition party lacks a Secretary General and the letter drafted to the speaker was filled with grammatical errors.

Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the main opposition party called on the Speaker to disregard the letter but he went ahead and declared the seats vacant.

The news caused chaos within the chamber as police were called in to calm the situation that was getting out of hand.

“It is a cowardly act by Zanu PF speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, to summon riot police and have our MPs beaten and injured following their defeat in a parliamentary debate. This kind of behavior must be stopped to prevent potential instability in our country. The regime in Harare should not mistake our peaceful demeanor for weakness.

Zanu PF has transformed the Parliament of Zimbabwe into a circus. They oppose MPs who debate with clarity and precision like our own. Our purpose in parliament is to represent the people, whereas Zanu PF prioritize their personal interests while the citizens suffer. We are determined to resist such behavior.” said CCC

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