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15 arrested over passport issuance corruption saga at Nyayo House

Transnational Organized Crime detectives have arrested 15 suspects in relation to passport issuance corruption saga at Nyayo House.

“DCI’s Transnational Organized Crime detectives are holding 15 suspects in connection with passports issuance corruption scandal at Nyayo House, Nairobi, weeks after the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration Prof Kithure Kindiki directed that investigations be conducted following public outcry.

In the ongoing operation which was launched on Monday, October 2, 2023, six (6) Department of Immigration Services staff including an intern and nine (9) suspected brokers have been arrested, while manhunt for more suspects who got wind of the operation and run into hiding continues.” said DCI

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The suspects are reported to have solicited bribes from locals and foreigners who requested services. Some had also recruited people around the building to collect bribes from innocent people seeking services.

“In the classic case of grand corruption, members of the public and foreigners seeking passports and work permits respectively have been forced to part with huge sums of money to access services, after the rogue officials took advantage of a temporary system downtime to satisfy their sheer greed for extras.

The crooked officials went ahead to plant brokers around the facility, to entice and collect funds from desperate applicants with emergency cases, as well as persons of means who were able to influence special treatment at the expense of ordinary Kenyans who procedurally tendered their applications.

After days of meticulous forensic analysis and profiling of the identified suspects, the detectives raided the Department of Immigration Services on Monday, October 2 where five suspects (four staff and a broker) were whisked away for interrogation. This included Mr Nicodemus Muide, Aloise Gitonga Kiura, Stephen Makokha, Mohamud Khalif Maalim, 38 (a broker) and Esther Ogega Nyambura aka Pauline Nyangara Ogega aka Carol aka Purity who is an intern at the department.” said DCI

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