Thursday, July 25, 2024

Alex Mwakideu quits Milele FM after five years of service

Radio presenter Alex Mwakideu has announced his departure from Milele FM after five years of service at the radio station.

Taking on social media, Mwakideu noted that the chapter at Milele FM has come to a close but kept his fans guessing as to where he will be heading to.

“Yooooh! Its been 5 years ndani ya Milele FM. NIME ENJOY!!! Let me say AHSANTE SANA to you, the Listener, because without you, hakuna radio! You are the reason we do this thing called Radio. Thank you all. Page closed. Onto the next one! Guess tunaenda wapi next,” said Alex Mwakideu

His fans took time to wish him all the best in his next chapter and thanked him for the memories he shared with them at Milele.

“Wishing you all the best kwokwote utakapo enda kama ni radio station ingine,” said Carolyne

“Best presenter of all time that jalang’o-mwakideu debut is the greatest of all time …..wishing you the best onto your next chapter,” said Lenox

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