Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Building under construction collapses at Mirema, Kasarani

A building under construction at Mirema, Kasarani collapsed on Sunday causing panic among residents who rushed out to witness.

The cause of the incident which is yet to be known is reported to have caused a huge smoke which caused panic. No injuries or casualties have been confirmed.

“A 13-story building under construction has collapsed at Mirema Springs in Roysambu, Kasarani. Witnesses on the ground say that there are no reported injuries so far.

The Sunday night incident sparked panic within the neighbourhood as smoke filled the air, prompting nearby residents to rush out in their night clothes to assess the situation.” said Cyprian is Nyakundi

A video from the scene saw people rushing around the scene in panic and chocked by the smoke the occupied the air. The collapsed building could be seen in between the buildings.

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