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Former Citizen TV presenter Kimani Mbugua pleads for help

Former Citizen TV presenter Kimani Mbugua has pleaded for help to get his life back on track after leaving the hospital.

The once promising journalist confirmed that he was diagonised with bipolar disorder back in 2020 and has been getting treatment ever since.

He has however been left homeless after leaving the hospital as those who were hosting him called on him to find another place.

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“I got out of the hospital last week and I feel my mind has come back to normal and I don’t want to go back to the place where I used to be.

I came to look for somebody else who could host me but I didn’t find. I just need your help,” said Mbugua

According to Mbugua, ever since he left the hospital he has come up with a business plan to set up a company but he needs a business partner to make it a reality.

He continued by confirming that he has not used drugs for the last two months as he used to smoke bhang and cigarrates.

“I realised I could suffer in silence and not speak out and be depressed again and go back to drugs. I don’t want to go back to drugs,” said Mbugua

Mbugua confirmed that his friends have given up on him as they are tired of helping him and he does not want to go back to drugs.

“I am in a  position where many people are not willing to help, they say they are tired. “If you want to help me, my email is,” he said

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