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CJ Martha Koome warns President Ruto against Judicial attack

Chief Justice Martha Koome has warned President William Ruto and the entire Kenya Kwanza administration against the ongoing attack on Judiciary.

This is after the Kenya Kwanza administration accused the Judiciary of sabotaging government projects meant to benefit Kenyans. They even promised to disregard court orders to ensure their agenda’s are fulfilled.

Speaking on Monday, CJ Martha Koome noted that the utterances could lead to chaos and anarchy and it is an assault on the constitution.

β€œIt is regrettable that the leadership of the executive and legislature in their recent public declarations have threatened not to obey court orders. These threats and declarations are extremely serious and a monumental assault on the Constitution, the rule of law and the very stability of the nation and can lead to chaos and anarchy in our motherland,” she said

She continued by saying that the declaration could lead to a constitutional crisis and civil strife.

“The declaration that they will no longer obey Court Orders and the subsequent actual defiance of the orders granted by the courts are untenable and amount to contempt of court. Allowed to continue unabated, we are on the precipice of a constitutional crisis that can lead to untold civil strife. The Judiciary and JSC cannot countenance this and will not be part of it,” said the CJ

The statement by the President follows court orders challenging a number of his agendas including the Housing levy, the new social health scheme, rollout of the maisha namba, privatization of 11 government parastatals among others.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has also called out the removal of Justice Esther Maina from office accusing her of tainting his image when she said his fortune was proceeds of crime.

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