Saturday, June 22, 2024

Climber Cheruiyot Kirui’s body to remain on Mt. Everest, says family

The family of climber Joshua Cheruiyot Kirui has made the painful decision to let his body remain on Mt. Everest.

The decision follows extensive consultation and consideration of the circumstances as revealed by the family through a statement.

“Following the death of Joshua Cheruiyot Kirui on Mt. Everest on May 22, 2024, the family has made the difficult decision to let his body remain on Mt. Everest. This decision was made after extensive consultations and careful consideration of all circumstances.

Cheruiyot fell into a crevasse 48 meters from the summit (8,848 meters) and retrieving his body from that high up would be risky for the rescue team, the family does not wish to endanger any life.

Cheruiyot had a profound love for the mountains, and they loved him in return. We find solace in knowing he rests in his happy place.” said the family

The family took note of the love and support they received from family and friends and most importantly from KCB group where Cheruiyot worked.

“We appreciate the love and condolence messages received from relatives, friends and the outdoor community. We specifically acknowledge the massive support we have received from the KCB Group family where Joshua worked.

We truly know that our son was loved. We extend our gratitude to Seven Summit Treks for their support, information, and guidance during this time. We also pray for the family of Nawang Sherpa, Cheruiyot’s Sherpa during this expedition, who is yet to be found.

May they find peace. There will be a memorial service in Nairobi and Chepterit village, this will be communicated in due course.” read the statement

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