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DP Rigathi Gachagua promises higher milk prices

Deputy President Rigathu Gachagua has revealed quick government intervention to save famers from dwindling milk prices.

Speaking on Sunday, Gachagua revealed that the government has injected Ksh 900 million to Kenya Cooperative Creameries for the purpose of purchasing milk and prevent the prices from dropping even further.

According to the DP, the intervention will push the prices to Ksh 50 from Ksh 45 and the price is expected to rise to Ksh 60 in coming months.

“As a government, we released Ksh.900 million to stabilise the prices in the milk sector after a glut following the heavy rains. The prices at Kenya Cooperatives Creameries will be raised from Ksh.45 per litre to Ksh.50 from March 1 and up to Ksh.60 in the coming months,”  he said

At the same time, the Deputy President called on farmers in Trans-Nzoia to increase acreage in maize plantation saying that the government has released subsidized fertilizer at Ksh 2,500 per 50kg bag.

“Trans Nzoia County is important in our country’s food security. The subsidized fertilizer is readily available here. We thank Governor George Natembeya for ensuring the last-mile distribution of the fertilizer,” said Gachagua

Gachagua called on leaders in the county to ensure peace and unity exits. “This is a cosmopolitan county with members of different communities living here. We thank the leaders led by the governor for maintaining peace. As people of Trans Nzoia, continue to love one another and peacefully coexist,” he said

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