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Easy Coach lifts ban on transportation of fish and fish products

Leasing bus service provider Easy Coach has lifted the ban it had imposed on transportation of fish products following a public outrage.

Through a statement, Easy Coach noted that they had suspended the transportation of fish and fish products following complaints that it was contaminating luggage of its clients.

“Following complaints raised by some of our clients on poorly packaged fish/fish products contaminating their accompanied language, temporarily suspend the carrying of fish /fish products as accompanied language in our buses,” read the statement.

Among those angered by the announcement was lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna who noted that the the statement amounted to ethnic profiling unless they had a problem with foul smell.

“We won’t allow EasyCoach to promote ethnic profiling. If the problem is foul smell, then introduce a policy on foul smell of everything including dirty passengers and all food products. Provide safe, secure and hygienic compartments below the passenger deck for foods,” said Miguna

Reverting their previous order, Easy Coach noted that clients can transport fish and fish products as accompanied luggage on condition that it is properly packed.

“The suspension has been lifted and you can now carry your fried, dried, smoked, salted mbuta, ngege, kamongo, omena etc, ONLY as accompanied luggage on our buses on condition that it is appropriately packed,” read the statement.

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