Thursday, July 25, 2024

Kanjo in viral video to face disciplinary action

Kanjo captured in viral dramatic video with a female motorist will now face disciplinary action as revealed by Nairobi County Government.

Speaking in regard to the incident was Nairobi County Secretary Patrick Analo who blamed both the woman and the Kanjo in the incident.

According to Analo, the actions by the popular Tik Toker identified as Ntazola Gloria was wrong and that the right thing was for her to take the officer to the nearest police station or to their offices.

“It is also wrong to detain somebody just because he illegally got into your car. Rush with him or her to the nearest police station. So the two of them are in the wrong,” Analo told Nation.

He continued by saying that probe into the incident will attempt to understand the circumstances that led the officer entered the vehicle without permission.

“There is a report I’m expecting from that officer and his supervisors which will inform the disciplinary action to be taken. He needs to explain to us under what circumstances he entered that car,” he said

Speaking after the incident, Ntazola accused Nairobi County officers of bad manners including harassments of motorists, something that she was fed up with.

She continued by saying that she was willing to take him very far away at her expenses thus the decision to ply the Nairobi Expressway to Ngong where he left him to find his way back home.

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