Monday, July 15, 2024

Kate Actress bows to pressure and apologizes over insensitive remarks

Actress Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate Actress has bowed to pressure and forced to apologize over insensitive remarks made on her Instagram account.

Kate found herself in trouble after she was first accused of fence sitting and not providing her stand on the contentious Finance Bill 2024.

An argument ensured after she was called out by a fan for using taxpayer money to finance her recent trip to the US where she accompanied President William Ruto and comedian Eddie Butita.

“We reject na mlikuwa White House na yeye mbona hukusema then on his face?” said the fan. Responding to the fan, Kate Actress suggested calling the President directly as his number had been shared to the public.

“Mpigie umuulize his number is now public.” she said.

Another fan came to the rescue of the actress calling on people to go slow on her, only for Kate to respond and say “Hata hawana hio pesa!”

It was business unusual afterwards for her even as she joined many Kenyans to share the Occupy Parliament posters.

“I want to sincerely apologize for the insensitive comment I made on my Instagram page. After much reflections, I realize that it was a reflex response to the false allegations about my recent trip to the US being government-sponsored. I reiterate that it wasn’t.

However, I do acknowledge that I should have responded in a more respectful way. I remain committed to using my platform to advocate for all our fundamental rights as a people, and will continue to voice my support for the betterment of our country.” she said through a statement

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