Monday, July 15, 2024

Kenya Police to arrive in Haiti in three weeks, says President Ruto

President William Ruto has confirmed that the Kenya Police will arrive in Haiti in about three weeks time to quell the violence in the Caribbean country.

Speaking exclusively to BBC, the President also confirmed that an advance team meant for planning has already in Haiti and met with the local security team before the police are dispatched.

“I have a team already in Haiti as I speak to you. That will give us a frame of what things look like on the ground, the capabilities that are available, the infrastructure that has been set up.” he said

“Once we have that assessment that we agreed with the Haitian police and the Haitian leadership, we are looking at the horizon of between three weeks and there about for us to be ready to deploy, once everything on the ground is set.” he continued

The news came at the end of his State visit in the US, the first for an African President in the last 16 years.

Even though the news is music to the US, questions have been raised over the government’s ability to handle banditry attack in West Pokot and other volatile counties and why they are ready to assist Haiti when it is tough back at home.

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