Sunday, April 14, 2024

Khalif Kairo disqualified from Pulse Influencer Awards

Popular businessman and influencer Khalif Kairo has been disqualified from the upcoming Pulse Influencer Awards.

Kairo who have gained popularity on X revealed the news by sharing a copy of the email from the organizers of the event saying that they have disqualified him over breach of stringent guidelines by engaging in vote buying.

Responding to the news, Kairo, the proprietor behind the famous Kai and Karo business revealed that he saw it coming after the organizers started talking about server issues.

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He continued by posing to ask why would he be disqualified when his competitor would engage in giving discounts to gain votes and no action is taken.

According to Kairo, the awards do not in any way pay rent and take supermodels on a date but thanked his followers for the support.

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