Monday, June 17, 2024

Larry Madowo criticizes President Ruto for attending Italy-Africa summit

President William Ruto has on Monday faced criticism after attending the Italy-Africa summit in Rome, Italy among them was Larry Madowo.

Taking on social media, the CNN journalist recalled in April when President William Ruto vowed not attend summoned by a single country but instead Africa as a continent will be represented by African Union (AU) leaders as discussed in their last meeting.

“This was President Ruto in April 2023 vowing not to be summoned again. Nigerian President Bola Tinubu is currently in Paris, just a 2-hour flight from Rome, but he isn’t attending.” said Larry

At the meeting in Rome were the AU leaders who were to attend the meeting on behalf of other Head of States as confirmed by President William Ruto. It will also be confirmed that other East African Presidents were absent at the meeting.

“President William Ruto said he + other African leaders would not be summoned by 1 country. The African Union would represent them going forward. He’s standing just steps away from both the AU chair & the AU Commission chair in Italy while other East African presidents skipped.” he said

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