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LSK to review possible violations of the Constitution by President Ruto

The Law Society of Kenya has set up a legal team to review possible violation of the constitution by President William Ruto.

The news follows recent remarks by the President calling out the Judiciary accusing some judges of receiving bribe to stop important government policies meant to benefit Kenyans.

Through President Eric Theuri, LSK noted that it will drum up support from other groups including religious groups and civil societies to push the President to respect the rule of law failure in which could result to impeachment.

“The Constitution allows us to approach the High Court when there is a threat to violation of the Constitution to consider whether the current scenario raises enough threats of violation for the Constitution for us to move to court and seek the declaration that the President has violated the Constitution…as you know one of the grounds for impeachment is violation of the Constitution,” said Theuri

Eric Theuri continued by reminding the President that the Judiciary was not under the authority of any person and that they will not allow the country to roll back to days when the President was autocratic.

“The rule of man died with the old Constitution, 14 years down the line we will not allow a roll back to those days when a President was autocratic and carried himself as if he was above the law,” he said

As it stands, LSK has already called on peaceful demonstrations on Friday with the demonstrators set to move to the office of the President, Parliament and finally at the Supreme Court.

“We want to advise the President to dissuade him of this notion that he could be above the law or that whatever he wishes or whatever he wants should guide decisions the Judiciary give, he may get it in Parliament but he will not get it in the Judiciary for as long as we are watching.” said Theuri

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