Monday, June 17, 2024

Burundi suspends diplomatic ties with Rwanda, deports Rwandan citizens

Burundi through its internal affairs minister has confirmed that they are suspending ties with Rwanda, closing its border and deporting Rwandan citizens.

This follows allegations that Rwanda is supporting a rebel group that has been attacking Burundi and destabilizing it.

“Paul Kagame is a bad neighbor … We have suspended all relations with him until he comes to his senses. He is harboring criminals who are destabilizing Burundi,” said the Minister Martin Niteretse 

Martin who was speaking at the border of the two countries noted that they have crossed their border and that they do not need Rwandans in their country with those in Burundi having chased away.

“All the borders are closed. We don’t need Rwandans here, and even those who were on our territory, we chased them out,” he said

The news comes a month after Burundi’s President Évariste Ndayishimiye accusing Rwanda of backing Red Tabara, a terror group which caused the death of 10 security officials and 20 civilians.

Ndayishimiye called out Rwanda for going against the East Africa Community policy of regional corporation, allegations that President Paul Kagame has denied. Currently busses heading to Burundi are being turned away and those from Burundi heading to Rwanda being blocked at the border.

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