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President Ruto called out for relaunching old projects

President William Ruto has been called out by angry residents for relaunching old projects launching by the previous regime.

The news comes ahead of his tour of Vihiga County where angry residents noted that the projects he will launch were already done when he was the Deputy President.

“You are coming to re-launch roads that you launched when you were the deputy president,” said one local

They locals noted that one of roads Soma to Shamakhokho to be launched by President William Ruto, was already launched by then President Uhuru Kenyatta

The residents begged to understand the names of the contracts and the amount that will be used to construct the roads as mentioned by the President.

“How can you introduce projects without tenders and not inform us how much it will cost or who the contractor is?”┬ásaid one local

The Head of State has been accused of launching an early 2027 campaign as well as insulting former Prime Minister Raila Odinga instead of concentrating on other urgent matters including the recruitment of doctors.

“When the president comes, I want him to be clear on how he will help the youth. It is time for him to fulfill his promises,”┬ásaid one resident

Also mentioned was the Hustler fund which has been termed ineffective as it offers low amount of loans i.e Ksh 500 which has been termed insufficient to carter for most needs during such tough times.

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