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Siaya based football player stabs fans to death for mocking him

Police in Siaya have began investigations after a football player stabbed to death a fan who mocked him on Christmas eve.

Denis, a football player from the Osoro football team stabbed one Vincent Odhiambo, a bodaboda operator at Mbolori after he was unable to withstand him mocking them on the field.

Vincent who was in the company of his two friends had attended the clash between Busia and Osoro at  Osoro Primary School before leaving the field to sip some alcohol at a nearby joint.

Upon their return, they were informed that Osoro team had been beaten 2-1 by Busia, results that had already caused anger among the fans who stormed the field.

The deceased joined fellow fans to mock the players before Denis attacked him with a knife before succumbing to the injuries at Rabar Health Centre.

Confirming the incident was the area Chief who said that bodaboda colleagues ganged up and torched the players mother and brother houses.

“I was alerted that the bodaboda riders were burning the homes and livestock. I could not restrain them. However, I made distress calls to police officers who arrived at the scene but the angry bodaboda riders had reduced the houses to ashes,” said the Chief

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