There was no G-to-G, PM Raila Odinga calls out gov’t oil deal

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has called out the government over the G-to-G oil deal with Saudi Arabia terming it a scam.

Speaking on Thursday, the former Prime Minister noted that the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum signed a deal with state owned petroleum companies in the Middle East and terming it a G-to-G agreement was the first red flag.

He questioned as to why the cost of fuel has shot significantly as he termed it corrupt and rotten to the core.

“The cost of fuel shot up significantly after the deal. Why have things moved from bad to worse since the deal? Well, the deal was a scam for which we now demand full disclosure and full accountability. It is corrupt and rotten to the core. It is state capture by Ruto and company and a conspiracy against the country. Ruto collapsing the country while feeding Kenyans on lullabies.

Other than keeping the cost of oil permanently high in Kenya, the deal is costing the country dearly in terms trade in petroleum with landlocked neighbours. It is shrouded in deep secrecy.

To date, only two documents have been made public; that is the Master Framework Agreement with petroleum trading entities and the Open Tender System modified agreement with marketers.

The Supplier Purchase Agreement between the Middle East Oil firms and their hand-picked distributors in Kenya has never been seen. We challenge Ruto to publish this document. Nobody knows how Gulf Energy, Galana Oil Kenya Ltd and Oryx Energies Kenya Limited got nominated to handle local logistics.

But the hand-picked distributors are selling oil to us at almost twice the price from bulk suppliers. These companies are also manipulating delivery date ranges so that they can maximize on prices. ” said Raila

It is due to the revelations that President William Ruto has been urged to cancel the contract and revert to the Open Tender System which ensured guaranteed supply of petroleum products.

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