Thursday, July 25, 2024

Vladimir Putin re-elected Russia’s President for six more years

Vladimir Putin has been re-elected as Russia’s President early Monday to extend his five year term for six more years.

On Sunday protest dominated many polling stations across Russia with the opposition airing their voices on the displease they had on Putin who after nothing short of a victory.

Speaking after the results, Putin noted that the elections revealed hope and trust that the people have on him and that they will not be frightened by outside voices.

“Of course, we have lots of tasks ahead. But I want to make it clear for everyone: When we were consolidated, no one has ever managed to frighten us, to suppress our will and our self-conscience. They failed in the past and they will fail in the future,” he said

Former UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron noted that the elections were illegal and that the voters lacked a choice and independence.

“The polls have closed in Russia, following the illegal holding of elections on Ukrainian territory, a lack of choice for voters and no independent OSCE monitoring. This is not what free and fair elections look like.” he said

The news comes barely a month after Putin’s opponent Alexei Navalny died while in custody raising questions into the real cause of his death.

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