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Jalang’o undergoes surgery to repair torn achilles tendon

Lang’ata MP Fellix Odiwour alias Jalang’o has undergone a successful surgery to repair a torn achilles tendon.

The first time Member of Parliament confirmed that he suffered the injury on Tuesday following their basketball training.

He continued by saying that he underwent the surgery on Thursday night and now he feels much better.

“Last Tuesday morning during our morning basketball training I had a bad fall that tore my achilles tendon, I went in for surgery last night and I am now feeling much better. I want to thank all my brothers and workmates and team Langata for their prayers and support. Thank you.” said Jalang’o

Achilles tendon is a strong a cord that connects the calf and the heel from the back and can rapture if exposed to a vigorous activity. It mostly happens to sports lovers but it can also happen to anyone.

When torn, the tendon makes a pop sound and can be repaired surgically to correct the movement of the leg.

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