Friday, July 19, 2024

President William Ruto signs into law the Affordable Housing Bill

President William Ruto has on Monday signed into law the Affordable Housing Bill in ceremony held at State House, Nairobi.

The announcement officially marks the return of the controversial bill that raised mixed reactions from Kenyans and a breather when the courts declared it unconstitutional.

Salaried Kenyans will now pay 1.5% of their gross salaries towards the scheme with the employer expected to contribute a similar amount.

“With as little as Sh3,000 monthly rent, ordinary Kenyans, including Mama Mboga, will own a house. Our transformational housing programme will dignify the lives of every low-income earner in our country.” said President William Ruto

Even after it was declared unconstitutional, the Head of State maintained that the program will continue as planned terming it as an opportunity to make changes before it is tabled before the Parliament.

He continued by saying it is a few rich people in the country who are against it as they want to deny Kenyans an opportunity to own houses in the country.

Despite the statements, Kenyans called on the President to consider the deductions as they are currently struggling with the high cost of living.

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