Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Raila now wants Wetangula resign as Ford Kenya party leader

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga now wants National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula to resign as the party leader of Ford Kenya.

According to Raila, the Speaker of the National Assembly should be neutral and not be involved in any political matters.

“Wetang’ula should resign as Ford Kenya party boss. Before anybody becomes the speaker he/she should not be a leader of any party,” he said

The former Prime Minister was speaking in Bungoma during the burial of former Bumula Member of Parliament Lawrence Sifuna where he called out MPs for failing to defend Kenyans.

“The MPs are the ones who come up with the laws to guide the Country but nowadays they are the ones passing the Finance bill that will hurt Kenyans,” said Raila

The ODM Party leader noted that it is the work of MPs to question the decisions of the government and not agree on what is brought before them as it will end up hurting the common Wananchi.

At the same venue, the government was called out for claiming that the prices of fuel will drop when they are the one who increased VAT of fuel from 8pc to 16pc.

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